The symptoms of arthritis include swelling of your joints, which can be quite painful, as well as fatigue to boost. While dealing with intense discomfort paying attention to daily rituals like putting on makeup can be frustrating. However, when you’re feeling down, looking good can be your saving grace to pull you out of the pits. Makeup can make you feel confident and raise your spirits. Looking well put together can be the eye of the storm when there are so many elements entirely out of your control.

Unfortunately, if arthritis has affected the elbow or shoulder joints, it can be a gruelling task to even be able to reach your face to apply makeup. If arthritis has affected your hands to a severe degree, holding makeup equipment such as a mascara stick could be next to impossible. So while you might want to indulge in some makeup, it can be a huge task to get it accomplished as well.

There are several ways of skirting these problems. Approximately 30 million women are suffering from some form of arthritis at any given time. These types involve rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis or psoriatic arthritis. If you are one of them, you might want to give these tips a try in order to look and feel your best.

Put Together A Stage

You could use a makeup mirror that is lighted or that has ample of light surrounding it. This will help you immensely in applying your make up as accurately as possible. Having a vanity table provides support for your arms. You can comfortably rest your elbows on the table directly, or you can place a folded towel to make a cushion for your arm to rest on. It ensures that your shoulders do not remain in a flexed position. Makeup can take a significant amount of time to put together. Putting together a set up which stops your hands from exerting can help reduce fatigue as well as help you apply your make up as accurately as possible. The key element is to take it easy and not to rush through it. Make sure you have carved ample of time for this task.

Preparation Is Key

Before you get down to applying makeup, make sure you have opened all of the containers and placed them so that they are easily accessible. Most of the powdered products come in tiny containers that can be especially hard to open. In such a case, once the container is opened, you can transfer the powdered product to a plastic bag, which can make it easier for you to access it. You can opt for a foundation which comes in bottles that have pumps instead of tops that you could have trouble can easily store the bottle on your vanity dresser and use your palm to put just the right amount on the fingertips of your other hand.

Buy Different Types Of Brushes

While shopping for a brush, choose one that has a thick handle and is relatively long. This makes it quite easy to hold in your hand and keep steady. Ensure that you opt for a good quality brush that has soft fibres. To maintain hygiene and keep it clean, wash it regularly. If you include eyeliner in your makeup routine, you could choose to apply a liquid eyeliner that comes along with a long brush.

Opt For Cosmetics That Are 2 In 1

Applying several products can sap your strength and worsen the pain in your joints. This can be curbed by choosing products that have multiple uses. You could choose a BB cream, which does the job of foundation plus moisturiser. There are lipsticks that can be used as a blush as well, and an eyebrow pencil that can double as an eyeliner.

Hide Your Fatigue Skillfully

Under-eye concealer is your best friend along with tinted lip balm and mascara to make you look awake and fresh. It also helps you look healthier by keeping your fatigue under wraps.

Keep It To A Minimum

Only opt for products that you genuinely need. In case your nose is red, and you’re riddled with under eye dark circles, but the rest of your skin is clear, you might want to opt for a concealer and apply powder to just the problem areas.

Grip it nice and easy

Extra-wide pencils, as well as big tubes of lip gloss, are available to ensure a secure hold on your cosmetic products. The easier you’re able to handle your application equipment, the faster will the makeup routine go. In case you have a particular preference towards a lip liner or an eyebrow pencil that are only available in thin sizes, it can be hell for patients with arthritis. It can cause difficulty in holding onto the rubbery grips on your pencils. The solution for this can be taking your cosmetics and wrapping the diameter of your tube in strips of various colourful duct or using masking tape.

Foam tubes can be used for covering which is usually used in insulation of electrical products. All of these products can be easily available in your local stores or home stores. These include Walmart and Target as well as in the office supply section of drugstores.

The best ways to add to the width of your cosmetic depends on the shape it originally comes in. For example, foam is more compatible with a pencil that is uniformly sized, while tape goes better with a mascara tube having a brush handle that is uneven.

Makeup can be a great fixer-upper that an boost your confidence and make your day just a tad bit brighter. It can work as a great pick me up on a bad day when you’re plagued with all the symptoms of arthritis. However, makeup is not the only element that needs to be kept up to date. It has to be well supported by a good skincare routine and taking the proper medications without fail. Although it can be hard to live with arthritis, know that you’re not alone.

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